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We help businesses equip their spaces faster, easier, and more efficient

Our goal is to become a trusted partner for progressive and expanding businesses seeking to transition to digital methods for outfitting their storage spaces, replacing traditional phone/email orders with streamlined electronic transactions.
“ProfiCircle is a platform designed to make equipment procurement simple, collaborative, and transparent for both buyers and suppliers.”
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Proficircle strives to create a world where anyone can efficiently equip their space, all from a single platform.

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We not only make the fit-out process more efficient, but we also help you save valuable time and money, so you can focus on what you do best - run your company.

The situation now

With over 15 years of working experience, we’ve come to create a digital procurement platform that anyone can use to fulfill their warehouse equipment needs in just a few clicks.

How we approached the problem

Leading European companies across a wide range of industries use ProfiCircle’s 100+ suppliers database to source, compare, and purchase the right solutions to equip their logistic spaces, reduce their costs, and increase profitability.

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