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Clandestin Beer

Client: Clandestin Beer SRL is an artisanal brewery, established in 2017, which has been operating since 2019, in Ilfov County. The company’s customers are the chains of stores specialized in the sale of craft beer, as well as the HoReCa industry.

What was the company’s need for commercial equipment: In 2021, Clandestin Beer increased the volume of imported raw material for making beer (malt), to reduce costs and maintain a continuous flow for production. Given that the brewery’s space is limited, the company decided that it needs vertical storage equipment to be able to store a larger quantity of malt pallets.


5 ways to streamline your warehouse fast

The operations that take place in the storage spaces represent the engine of operation of any company that sells a large volume of products. As long as these operations are organized efficiently, the organizations keep costs low and customers are satisfied. However, only 26% of company managers see warehouses and distribution centers as an asset that can stimulate the growth of their business.

As the eCommerce industry becomes more and more competitive, retailers everywhere are forced to look for new ways to keep up with big players like Amazon, especially when it comes to well-developed fulfillment (an effective way to reduce operational costs) and fast shipping.


Guide: how to choose the right type of shelves for your business

Getting the right storage solution for your business is the best way to optimize your warehouse operations. This means that when using your warehouse space effectively, you can easily maximize storage capacity and increase inventory capacity. The best way to fulfill these demands and get the most out of your storage options is to install a personalized system, designed to suit your needs

In this article you can find some tips that will help you choose wisely, whether you are a company specialised in eCommerce, retail or distribution, or other sectors in need to equip or upgrade their logistic or commercial space.


Warehouse of the future: functionalities and what to expect

With such a rapid and massive growth in fulfillment channels shown in 2020, after the pandemic started, the warehouse of the future is shaped by new industry trends. Together with the continuing labor shortage, it is even more challenging to meet the increasing demand in the eCommerce and CEP (Courier, Express and Parcel) markets. So, what does it look like? Well, it certainly depends on the investments made in software and automation technologies, to face the changes, while maintaining profitability.

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