Case studies

Clandestin Beer

Client: Clandestin Beer SRL is an artisanal brewery, established in 2017, which has been operating since 2019, in Ilfov County. The company’s customers are the chains of stores specialized in the sale of craft beer, as well as the HoReCa industry.

What was the company’s need for commercial equipment: In 2021, Clandestin Beer increased the volume of imported raw material for making beer (malt), to reduce costs and maintain a continuous flow for production. Given that the brewery’s space is limited, the company decided that it needs vertical storage equipment to be able to store a larger quantity of malt pallets.

How the company came to collaborate with ProfiCircle: The representatives of Clandestin Craft Beer company looked for offers for storage pallets in the online environment, but it did not meet their needs.

“Half of the contacted suppliers did not respond, and the rest offered us contradictory prices, with differences between 10 and 50%, for the same product” – Cristian Dinu, co-founder of Clandestin Craft Beer.

What was the solution offered: Clandestin Craft Beer found, through ProfiCircle platform, the best offers for pallet racks, and with the help provided by ProfiCircle’s specialists, they managed to double the storage capacity of the raw material within the company.

What was the factor behind the decision to collaborate with ProfiCircle: Clandestin Craft Beer received constant support from ProfiCircle both for defining the exact needs, formulating the requirements regarding the project, and composing the request for quotation. Through the platform, the company had the opportunity to choose the best solution for its demands, from a multitude of offers. In addition, during the time saved due to implementing the project with ProfiCircle platform, the representatives of Clandestin Craft Beer were able to focus on their business’ growth strategy.

The advantages of the collaboration: Customer orientation throughout the acquisition and implementation of the project, as well as the transparency of the offers received and the provided consultancy.

“We got a better offer than anything we had managed to get on the market until then” – Cristian Dinu, co-founder of Clandestin Craft Beer.

The result of the collaboration: The quality of the received equipment met the customer’s standards, and after purchasing the pallet racks, the raw material used by Clandestin Craft Beer is organized efficiently, which leads to the optimal use of the entire logistics space.

In addition, the duration of the acquisition and implementation of the project, which includes submitting the offer and receiving the products, lasted several days, and the company was able to save hundreds of euros.

The differentiating elements of the collaboration: The simplified online communication mode, as well as the possibility to compare the received offers fast and easy. ProfiCircle gives its customers access to online auctions in real-time. Due to the multi-level bidding module, the buyer has the option to choose the supplier that will offer him the best price, delivery time, quality level, etc., depending on the selected criteria.

The most important aspects: The consultancy offered when compiling the offer and finding the right partner, as well as the support provided for assembling the shelves.

The most useful features of the platform: Digitization of the entire procurement process, from the creation of the offer to implementation and price transparency, including the possibility of saving time and budget.