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Les offres finales sont générées en 3 jours et affichées dans un tableau comparatif.

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Pourquoi les entreprises choisissent Proficircle

We sourced pallet racks. I am pleased with the way information is collected. Possibility to purchase from international suppliers and low prices is indeed they advantage.
Gabriel Miuta
We purchased pallet racks. Free consultancy and design, multiple offers and low prices are the factors which will keep them as our provider in the future. 10/10 for the idea of the platform.
Daniel Popescu
Heckler Romania
We definitely will use Proficirlce in the future. The quick sourcing and consulting surprised us. It is super nice to be able to compare prices that easy. We bought pallet racks.
Alexei Albu
Company Med Srl
We were consulted and supported in a professional way. After that it was easy to follow - comparative table, offer reviews- digital and simple.
Doina Cazacut
I was interested in the free consulting which they provide. That helped me to understand my need. 10/10 for the platform - it is exceptionally easy to use it.
Raul Chiorean
Stork Medical
I chose to work with ProfiCircle because of the multitude of positive reviews from other people and its low prices relative to its quality.
Emilia Clarke
Liliana Gheorghe
We got two better offers than anywhere we had managed to get on the market so far
Cristian Dinu
Clandestin Beer
10/10 for the platform - super user-friendly. The fast execution on our need and the constant consulting in the process is their strength.
Cristina Prejoianu
We found it extremely easy to source our equipment. Their customer support and network of suppliers was the key.
Lukacs Jeno
Lupalking SRL
What convinced us to use the platform is the fact that we get free consulting and comparative table. We were amazed how easy it was to pay in instalments as well.
Andrei Boureano
Balcanic Fashion Boutique
It is 10/10 indeed! My need was solved exceptionally easy. Fast execution and free consulting were the key for me. The comparative table is amazed me too.
Florin Lungu
TSG Solutions
Request for offer form and the layout support was important feature for us. The simple way to visualize the offers amazed us.
Mar & Pet
SC Mar & Pet Grup SRL
Simple, fast and free. They help you reach the best sellers in no time and cost. Platform is exceptional.
Dragos Ciucan
BNT Sistem
The fast execution and consulting were beyond my expectation. Comparing between several prices saved me not only time but money too.
Marius Claudiu
Being an international chemical company it is hard to decide quickly on the right supplier. WIth the platform we chose between multiple offers in short time.
Chemical Manufacturer
Free consulting and design for our request. Our request was processed promptly. 8/10 for the platform.
Ionut Maita
PSS prosoft solutions

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