__how Proficircle works

Source faster

Manage digitally

Pick and choose

__how Proficircle works

Source faster

Manage digitally

Pick and choose

Source your equipment, effortlessly.

Source your equipment, effortlessly.

  • Fill in the form

    Tell us in few clicks what your need is.
    Our digital forms will gather and structure all your data and help you with the next steps.

  • Design is ready

    After receiving your equipment data, our platform generates the best technical layout. It helps you to visualize your equipment request.

  • Compare and choose

    Lastly, your complete equipment request will be quoted and the best prices provided to you faster than anywhere else.

RFI screen
Auction design
Comparative table

Proved: 3 offers are faster than 1

With our approach we enable all clients to get multiple offers faster than any other provider on the market.

Your request is quoted by more than 20 suppliers on local and international level in matter of few days.

We save you weeks of sourcing and let you focus on your business while we do the heavy work.

The fastest way to submit your equipment request.

Manage your equipment request in real time.

Manage your equipment request in real time.

Projects side by side
Auction Messages
Add more services
Seller chat
  • Review your project

    You can review your equipment request at any time and make changes with just few clicks.

  • Never lose touch

    Review the technical design of your project and speak to the dedicated engineer for your request.

  • Services to add

    Thanks to our wide partnership network, you can add to your project services such as transport, assembly, insurance, leasing and more.

  • Validate the offers

    Speak to vendors with one click to ask them anything about their offers.

Proved: Digital is easier

Forget about tens of emails, phone calls, missing attachments, unnecessary visits and wasted days of negotiations.

Now your next equipment you is a few clicks away from you. Quick, simple, faster.

Request, buy and manage your equipment purchase completely digital.

Be the owner of your decisions at any time of the purchase...

Pay safer

Pay less

Pay digital

Pay less, pay safer, and pay it digital .

  • Pay less

    All offers which will be visualized to you are generated by an auction. This auction allows prices to decrease on average with 15% leading to unbeatable market quotes for your request.

  • Pay safer

    All suppliers on our platform are vetted which helps you focus on your business. Rely on Proficircle and your equipment will be provided on time and paid in secured way.

  • Pay digital

    Are you willing to process your payment via our platform?
    Now you can do it and follow up with the status of the payment at any point. Be digital.

Auction display
Vendors connected
Digital contracts

Auction/Bidding process saves up to 20% on acquisition costs.

Access to multiple vendors guarantees lowest prices.

Sign contracts and pay suppliers directly within the platform.

Proved: Always receive the lowest prices

Thanks to the integrated auction system, our platform gives advantage of unmatched price quoting on the market.

On average each request can reach up to 15% price discount just by our embedded auction system.

Now imagine all prices you see from sellers becoming even lower with Proficircle.
For our clients

Wide access to multiple solutions for fit out projects

Our network with more than 50 partners, leading manufacturers, dealers, transporters and assemblers is always ready to quote.

Warehouse systems, forklifts, shopfitting are available via our partnership network for all countries across Europe.

Start your next
project with us

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need an auction if I want prices very fast?

Auctions are created to achieve the lowest possible price for certain request. By taking advantage of auctions, the buyer can access storage solutions with on average 20% less cost compared to without auctions. The difference between “auction” and “no auction” prices is 2-3 days. If the buyer explicitly states that he does not want to take the advantage of the auction, then Proficircle can provide the first come-first-serve price quotation basis

Do the suppliers see their prices between them?

All suppliers see live time the quotes on the projects where they participate. The only data which is sanitized is the name of the competitors they have in a certain auction. On average during the auction, sellers bid against each other 6 times and decrease the price up to 20%.  

How fast do you deliver?

Proficircle allows you to decide how fast you want a project to be delivered from the beginning. This gives us an estimate over what vendors are most applicable to be invited to bid on your project. With our recurring clients we have built a weekly delivery schedule. With other one-time buyers, the auction allows them to compare between price and delivery period and speak directly to vendors to request quicker production/delivery time.  

How am I paying?

Currently, there are two ways of paying: directly to the vendor or through Proficircle. We are working on embedding an online payment option via bank transfer which will be completely secured. As most of the vendors require payment in advance, this online feature will allow automation in invoice creation and better tracking of ongoing payments. It is expected to be live in September 2022.  

Is Proficircle a dealer?

Proficircle is the largest procurement platform for warehouse and retail equipment. Proficircle does not represent exclusively any producer or dealer. Proficircle is a digital network of local and international suppliers of warehouse, retail and logistics equipment and material handling where companies can request and buy free of charge. 

Who is the seller if i request via your platform?

The seller is the winner who the buyer chooses between 3-5 offers that are visualized via the comparative table. It is buyer’s decision to decide who will be selling the equipment to them. Proficircle is not the seller in this transaction but upon request from the buyer can issue the invoice and be a middle party. 

Can I speak to the suppliers once I see the prices?

Yes, buyers can speak to all suppliers once they receive the prices in the comparative table. We encourage transparency and allow buyers to ask each seller any questions about their offer.  

Do I need to pay anything to Proficircle?

Our platform is completely free for buyers at any stage of their request. Our goal is to help buyers structure their request in a simple digital form and transmit it to the platform’s pool of vendors locally and internationally leading to top prices on the market.  

What does an auction mean?

This is one of the advantages of the platform. Proficircle uses auctions to encourage competitiveness among the suppliers who are willing to quote a price. They have limited time to bid against each other while decreasing the price on average with 20%. Then the best 3-5 prices are visualized to the buyer. 

What is a comparative table?

A comparative table is the place where each offer is visualized. The table includes name of the vendor, terms of the payment, information about the equipment, delivery terms, production time, price and offer validity. On the top of each offer, each buyer can choose to chat directly with the seller if there are any unanswered questions.  

How fast can I get the first price?

In 48 hours the first price will be submitted to you. Depending on the complexity of the project, any of the supplier on Proficircle can quote their price in less than 24 hours but usually it takes 24-48 hours to get the first quotation.  

Do I need to register to request a price?

Each buyer can request their equipment without the need of profile in our system. However, to be able to review the prices, speak to vendors, request changes, choose between other services, the buyer needs to activate their account and log in to their dashboard.  

Why do I need to register to get the prices?

Proficircle is built with the intention to help the journey of each buyer and simplify his decision making and procurement process. With each registration Proficircle allows the buyer to review their project request, make changes, add services, review prices in comparative table, speak to vendors, decide on payment method and much more.  

How much time does an auction take to obtain the prices?

Each auction is different and is dependent on the project specifics. Usually, to obtain all offers in a comparative table it takes on average 5-7 days. However, buyer receive email when an offer is uploaded and can review it prior the end of the auction. In case they don’t want to wait anymore – a winner can be selected.   

Is there a validity of the prices?

Yes, each supplier has his own terms and validity per offer. Depending on the project materials and complexity, each offer has a certain time period in which it is valid. If the buyer in unable to decide before the offer expires, he can request again.