Built for holding items
in a store or warehouse setting.

Why do shelving types matter?

Read more about shelving systems and their advantages below

Different forms of shelving can be highly effective storage solutions for both retail and warehouse.

However, because there are many types of shelving you may be unsure which is the best storage option for your workplace.

The right option will depend on the requirements of your store or warehouse.

Shelves you can procure via Proficircle

Long Span


Live storage
for picking


Did you know that there are 4 main types of light picking solutions?

Long span shelving

> Conventional & Pallet racks combined

Follows the principle of “man-to-product”.

Designed for warehouses where the products are deposited and removed manually from shelves.

Optimal use of warehouse height, as the higher levels can be accessed mechanically by using the devices that lift the operator to the required height.

This shelving system is made up of frames and beams, similar to a pallet rack.

Long span frames are formed by two uprights with bracing and footplates.

Mobile cantilever

Top five advantages:

Possibility of storing medium to heavy loads.

Ideal option for different article types and split turnover.

Adjustable load levels.

Racks up to 20 m high can be built.

A wide range of components adaptable to your needs.

Conventional Shelving

> maximize unused space

The basic system of manual storage and archiving for light and medium loads.

Storage for sectionalized products or small boxes.

Equip them with Various accessories to classify individual products, folders, archives etc.

Can be tailored quickly, easily and economically to your precise needs.

Mobile cantilever

Top five advantages:

Multiple units that adapt to the most demanding requirements.

It is possible to install one or more aisles to gain access to upper levels.

Ideal solution for offices, shops, and spaces where attractive appearance is needed.

Mobile shelving can be made for archives and warehouses.

Did you know that prices can be decreased by 15% via auctions on the platform?

Live storage for picking

> optimize the workflow

Racks for live picking are slightly inclined platforms of wheels and roller, which guarantee an optimal entry and exit of goods.

Designed for areas in the warehouse with a large volume of picking.

They increase the number of lines to prepare.

Remove the need for personnel to make unnecessary journeys .

Mobile cantilever

Top five advantages:

FIFO System (the first box in is the first box out).

A higher number of SKUs at the front of the racking.

Reduction in the time needed for order preparation.

Higher product capacity in the facility.

Mobile shelving​

> store more on rails, with less space

Shelving units are mounted upon mobile bases which move along rails.

Units can be closely packed when access is not required but can be readily moved to open up an aisle to allow access.

A smaller proportion of floor space can be allocated to storage than in the case of conventional fixed shelving, or a higher capacity of storage can be met using the same footprint as fixed shelving.

The sliding door mechanism can be: manual, automatic or manual-mechanical.

Mobile cantilever

Top five advantages:

Great use of space as it is a compact storage system.

Can be adapted to any available space.

Total safety of filed materials.

Ideal for the storage of all types of books and documents.

Frequently asked questions

What is the quality of the materials?

Proficircle has a network of more than 30 local and international vendors. Among them are producers and dealers who have different quality of the materials and multiple solutions. All buyers who request their equipment on Proficircle can choose between different quality and type of materials of the vendors once the prices are submitted in a comparative table. 

Do we get a material and spec sheet from the supplier?

Yes, all buyers can request from each of the vendors spec sheet and further details on the offering. We encourage transparency and allow free communication between buyers and suppliers during the auction and prior to the selection of the winning vendor by the buyer. 

Do we get and warranty on the product?

Every supplier offers standard warranty and option to extend it based on buyer’s preferences. This allows each buyer to customize the warranty preference and achieve the best package. 

Do you have stock?

Proficircle does not hold stock of any type of materials or storage solutions. Our platform can support and establish a relationship between the vendor and the buyer and allow the buyer to build stock for free with the chosen supplier. 

How fast can I get the first price?

In 48 hours the first price will be submitted to you. Depending on the complexity of the project, any of the supplier on Proficircle can quote their price in less than 24 hours but usually it takes 24-48 hours to get the first quotation.  

Can I skip the design/layout stage?

We strongly encourage you to not skip this stage. It is of big importance for each buyer to clarify all small details and avoid mistakes upon order placement. In certain projects we can proceed without having the technical layout, but it is in buyer’s hands in case of miscalculation or misplacement of material.  

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