Case studies


Client: Donarosso is a company founded in December 2020, specialized in the sale of fabrics produced in factories from Milan (Italy), products for both individuals and tailors, and others.

What was the company’s need for commercial equipment: To display products easily and optimally, Donarosso identified the need to purchase custom storage shelves. Here, the main challenge when it comes to organizing the commercial space is the correct storage of fabric bales, so that the goods do not deteriorate.

How the company came to collaborate with ProfiCircle: Following the online documentation, the received offers, and the way the platform is presented, Donarosso decided to collaborate with ProfiCircle for the purchase and implementation of storage shelves.

“I chose to work with ProfiCircle due to the multitude of positive reviews from other people and the low prices in relation to its quality.” – Liliana Gheorghe, General Manager Donarosso

What was the solution offered: Donarosso found, through ProfiCircle, custom storage shelves for goods, fitting the dimensions of the fabric bales.

The result of this collaboration: The shelves were delivered in a short time, two weeks, respecting the quality standards, and could be easily assembled, thanks to the support provided by ProfiCircle’s consultants.

At the same time, the prices obtained through ProfiCircle were 10-15% lower than the offers received from other suppliers.

“Once the order was placed successfully, the shelves arrived in a short period of time, and we were able to assemble them easily, thanks to the models previously assembled by ProfiCircle.” – Liliana Gheorghe, General Manager Donarosso.

Advantages of working with ProfiCircle: Through this platform, Donarosso representatives received several detailed offers, thus having the opportunity to make the best choice for specific storage needs. Due to the multi-level bidding module, the buyer has the option to choose the supplier that will offer him the best price, delivery time, quality level, etc., depending on the selected criteria.

The differentiating elements of the collaboration: Professionalism and easy communication with ProfiCircle team members. Due to the functionalities of the platform, the collaboration between all parties involved in the transaction takes place in a clear and transparent manner. One of the main pillars of ProfiCircle is the ability to offer customers an easy and friendly interaction, both with the platform, the internal team members, and suppliers.

The most important aspects: The professionalism of the ProfiCircle team, the transparency of the entire acquisition process, as well as the speed and efficiency, from the request for offer to the actual implementation.

“Most of all, I appreciated the professionalism of ProfiCircle’s employees I collaborated with, everything being transparent and fast.” – Liliana Gheorghe, General Manager Donarosso.

The most useful features on ProfiCircle platform: The tools that allowed easy collaboration between the parties involved in the transaction throughout the process – from the moment of placing the order until implementation.